Component Refurbishment:

Ultimate recycling!

Component Refurbishment is the technology we love the most. The absolute best way to reduce electronic waste is to extend the useful life of programmable IC's and solid state memory products.

Imagine the savings when you reuse your IC's, CF cards, Solid State Drives or any rewritable media. It's rewarding to see the parts that we previously refurbished being returned to be refurbished again and given another life.

First we inventory your product during incoming inspection. Then we carefully erase all data and format to your exacting specification. Our careful process removes all labels and markings. Then our unique cleaning technology removes all traces of label adhesive and ink marks. If the labels are damaged we will provide custom new labels.

Your inventory is now ready for its second life.

Sell Old Inventory

Components that can be refurbished but no longer meet your requirements can get a second life. Contact us about reselling your unneeded inventory.

Secure destruction of obsolete inventory

To safely and securely destroy your obsolete inventory, please contact OPC about our Secure Destruction Service.

We can Refurbish and Recycle the following:

  • ICs, including old DIPs
  • USB, SD, CF and other drives
  • Rotating & Solid State Hard Disks
  • Surface-Mount Components
  • And more! Contact Us if your part isn't listed here.