OPC Technologies provides IC programming services. We program ICs and storage media with exceptional flexibility, from the smallest lots to industrial-scale production runs at competitive prices.

We are dedicated to providing the best solution to our customers programming and duplication requirements. We consider our customers' best interests and use a consultative approach to solve programming needs.

We want to reduce waste and improve electronic component recycling. Giving an IC, SSD, or other programmable device a second life is one of the best ways to reduce E-waste and save resources.

OPC Technologies' Vision

We use the most appropriate technology to solve our customers needs for programmed IC's. The ideal programming solution may be one of the following:

OPC Technologies focuses on working with our customers to achieve programming requirements using automated efficiency and technical expertise. Using a wide range of both off-the-shelf and custom-designed hardware, we are able to support your most technically-demanding programming needs. We can support nearly any device in use today, but more important to us is quickly being able to support new or less common devices.

We partner with our customers when they need us most, helping them transition from the design to manufacturing stage. Our staff is available by phone or email around the clock, including nights and weekends. OPC is your Onestop Programming Center.

Privacy Statement

Our web site privacy policy is simple! We do not track or spy on you. We assume you looking for a reliable supplier of IC programing service, tape and reel or programming equipment.

We hope you will choose OPC as your trusted supplier. Our mutual trust starts here.